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Calculus Color Blocks Part 2: Newton

Calculus Color Blocks Part 2: Newton

This set of color blocks is compositional study named after the two mathematicians who are recognized for discovering calculus.

It was certainly Isaac Newton who first devised a new infinitesimal calculus and elaborated it into a widely extensible algorithm, whose potentialities he fully understood; of equal certainty, differential and integral calculus, the fount of great developments flowing continuously from 1684 to the present day, was created independently by Gottfried Leibniz.

— Hall 1980: 1


Part one of a Two-part set.

Frame color options: Gold, Champagne, White
Frame size options: 12x12, 18x18, 24x24, 30x30, 18x24, 24x36
Unframed sizes: 36x36, 36x48

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