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Tangier Square

Tangier Square

This composition is inspired by the ancient Berber seafaring city-state of Tangier. Situated opposite the Straits of Gibraltar, the city is said to be named after Tingis, the daughter of Atlas, the mythical supporter of the heavens. Founded in the 5th century BC by Carthaginian colonists from Greece, it later passed to the ancient Romans as Mauretania Tingitana and then to the Byzantine Empire.

Rich orange and golden hues in this abstract evoke symbolism of warmth associated with joy, sunshine, and the Mediterranean/Saharan landscape—representing history, adventure, curiosity, and creativity.

Offered in precision handcraft gold leaf, silver leaf, or white framing.
Size options: 12x12, 24x24, 30x30
Unframed: 36x36, 42x42

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