A Couple
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An amusingly exotic pink bird couple seizes the focus in this composition with their enchanting ornamental plumes and colorful livery, while seemingly engulfed in deep and loving conversation.
Ascot Blue
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This regal blue bird captures the sartorial elegance in dramatic flair of the foregone nobility that demanded attention at spectacles such as the opening day at Ascot.  Her confident and cheerful appeal lighten the atmosphere in elaborate sophistication.
Ascot Crane
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This daring yet confident crane proclaims her glamorous cachet with an expectant "head flag" salute embellished by her semiplume crest.
Ascot Green
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This playful green bird seeks to outdo its blue bird pair in commanding attention through embellishment and flattery to capture her fair share of glory.  Her confident and cheerful appeal lighten the atmosphere in elaborate sophistication.
Ascot Pelican
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This snow white pelican is normally accustomed to gliding in squadron formation along the southern and western coasts in graceful echo of the waves.  But on this occasion, she has donned a regal tiara for this white tie affair.
Ferdinand The Dog
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Isabel The Dog
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This composition is dedicated to the iconic American musician and pillar of the “Grateful Dead,” Jerry Garcia.
Named after a composer and born in San Francisco, music was enstilled and encouraged by his family and teachers at an early age. Growing up in and around Menlo Park, Jerry emerged as a founder of the Grateful Dead in the early 1960s. Soon thereafter, he became an American icon.
Beyond the quality and craftsmanship of the 20+ gold or platinum certified albums released over his lifetime attesting to the quality of his music, Jerry just made you feel good and happy.
He “owned” the guitar, effortlessly improvising with the band while supplying beloved vocals in perfect harmony. Studio recordings were good... but live was so much better.  Those were the days. You are very missed.
P.S. Thanks to John Mayer, who recently called it "the honor of a lifetime" to play with Dead & Co. Together, they're keeping Jerry's great music alive.
Come hear Uncle John's Bandby the riversideCome with me or go aloneHe's come to take his children home
Lone Ranger Pink
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According to the Urban Dictionary, a "Lone Ranger" is one who confidently "stands alone," is "constantly underestimated" but always "comes out on top" because of "superior intellect and skill."  The violet masked beauty in this composition with rococo cyan plumage from crown to toe against a salmon pink screen evokes mystery into her possible motivations.
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Dressed to impress in his evening smoking jacket and with burgeoning yet mischievous grin, Louis is the bon vivant "life of the party" in his 1930's Jazz Age style.  Duke Ellington once said, "There are two rules in life--  rule one:  never quit; rule two - never forget rule one."  Louis Armstrong said "And I think to myself... what a wonderful world."  If you get these jazz greats, you'll get Louis!